About Us


Big T has been producing lures for the fishing industry since 1985 in the picturesque town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. The staff at Big T are dedicated in their efforts to produce some of the finest lures in the industry, many of them have been with Big T since day one. The company was bought in 1999 by David Horn and his dad, Ted Horn. Ted Horn has been fishing since the 50's and is a very well respected angler and Springbok selector in South Africa. He has also been in engineering his whole life and at age 82, he does not miss a day behind his lathe. David studied industrial design and when the opportunity arose to purchase Big T, they were certain with both of their expertise, they could produce some of the best lures out there. 

In 2012, David's son, Chad Horn joined the family business and followed in his grandfather's shoes in qualifying as a machinist and receiving his trade papers. Together the three generations strive on producing the highest quality performing lures using each of there strengths but most importantly, building long lasting relationships with everyone they meet.

The way we manufacture lures has changed tremendously over the years compared to how they were manufactured in the beginning. Every component of the lure head ( except the moving doll eyes) is made in our factory, either by hand or with the aid of a machine. The problem with only using silicon moulds to cast your lure heads is that over time your heads become oval and lose their original shapes. We still pour our heads in specially manufactured silicon moulds but machine each and every lure head to make sure it runs perfectly true to its centre holes. Once the heads are machined, they are individually polished to produce the crystal clear clarity we are after. This process is very important to us as we believe this is where you bring life and soul into a lure. It's just not the same having a lure popping out of a machine every few seconds. We use the best technology available to us but will manufacture the original shapes and styles, including the old school moving doll eyes.

Our skirts are individually hand sprayed and everyone a little unique. We have the ability to customise all our skirts and this makes its appealing to anyone looking for high-quality skirts with custom colours in small batch sizes. Once the skirts are sprayed and cured, each skirt is placed into a machine to cut its tentacles.     

It has been an honour to meet and become close friends with some of the top anglers in the world and we trust that over the years everyone will have experienced our lures and skirts in one way or another.